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You and Us

An introduction

Many of our corporate and private client relationships span 30 years which is testimony to a service efficiently, fairly and professionally provided. We are always looking for the next generation of clients that value the benefit of a long term relationship with their Risk Managers / Insurance Broker. As a company our ethos is to establish and build a long lasting, trusting relationship that provides peace of mind and adds value for our client.


About you

As an owner or responsible person you will appreciate that at the heart of any business is its value, whether it be Capital value or Income producing capability, of the business to its owners, whether they be an individual, a family, business partners or independent shareholders.

You are likely to have responsibility for ensuring that the Asset, Financial, Liability and Motor Risks to the business are considered and addressed by an appropriate affordable programme of Insurance protection.

About us

We utilise our professional expertise and knowledge, to assist Owners, Directors or Business Managers to recognise and understand all of the risks that are faced in business on a daily basis and to facilitate a selected, balanced portfolio of protection, which provides peace of mind and value for money. We supplement the aforementioned expertise and knowledge with a focussed, exceptional level of customer service. We have long term relationships with, and access to many reputable, reliable Insurance providers.

Working together

We will work with you to discuss and understand all of the aspects of the business through our structured information gathering exercise which will identify any possible omissions that exist either in your cover, or indeed your understanding of your insurance covers, or any concerns that you may have.

If you appoint us as your Professional Adviser, we are confident that your trust will be rewarded with peace of mind and genuine feeling of value for money that will justify our appointment. Where we are appointed by you our responsibility to you prevails throughout the duration of the contract, usually 12 months, and during that time we will work with you attending to any mid-term policy alterations or sourcing any one off bespoke covers that may be required.

We will provide proactive support in claims matters at each step of the way. In some instances other professional advisers may be required and again we can assist in this connection. All claims are subject to the terms and conditions that apply to insurance policies and we make every effort to ensure that you are informed about these terms and conditions so that you can ensure that you comply with the requirements of the policy, and be confident that your policies will provide the protection that they should.

There’s no more to it - Please get in touch by phone or email if you are interested in the service we have to offer. If you would like to meet for a free initial consultation, contact Robert Young or

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