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Private Clients

We deliver personal service and expertise that is tailored to our client's lifestyle requirements, by providing suitable solutions in respect of Household, Private Car and Travel Insurance needs. We will also provide support in the event of a claim.

Household Insurance


When it comes to insuring your home and belongings – including fine art & antiques, vintage wines, jewellery, yachts and pleasure craft, finding the right high value home insurance that covers your individual needs can be complex. It doesn’t have to be. We will professionally review your insurance needs, give advice and guidance to make sure it’s keeping pace with your lifestyle, and you can rely on us to provide support in the event of a claim as well.

Cairn Corporate can arrange cover for Private Homes and their Contents which can include specialist items including jewellery, fine antiques and art collections.

We will provide our clients with the most appropriate product solution which could include;

  1. High Net Worth Household

  2. Bed & Breakfast

  3. Home-based businesses


Contact us to find out more.

Private Car Insurance


Our team will work together with you to tailor a private car insurance solution that can cover a single vehicle or all of your cars under a single policy, and one that’s built to match your driving needs – from limited mileage through to vehicle modifications or even young drivers. We have a range of insurance solutions for luxury, high performance and classic cars and also for family fleets.

Private car and family fleet policies are available.


Contact us to find out more.

Travel Insurance


Whether you’re going away for pleasure or on business our travel insurance will be designed around your specific requirements, and if appropriate an annual policy can be arranged. As you’d expect, we can make sure you’re covered for medical expenses, repatriation in the event of a medical emergency, cancellation and even cover for lost cash and personal possessions.

Cairn Corporate can arrange cover to suit your travel needs including:-

  1. Annual travel

  2. Long stay travel

  3. Single trips

  4. Winter sports


Contact us to find out more.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you know who you need to speak with, please select from our team above.


For general enquiries please use the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Office Hours Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

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