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Don't Gamble With Your Future
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When it comes to Insurance, at Cairn we understand the significance of making wise decisions when it comes to protecting what’s important to you.


We are delighted to welcome you to this page as a lucky recipient of one of our unique poker chips with the message ‘Don’t Gamble with Your Future’

You might be wondering why we chose this message. Well, it's because we believe it's really important to make smart choices when it comes to safeguarding your future.

Think of managing your risk like a game, just like poker. Insurance & poker are alike in their focus on risk and uncertainty. In poker, players wager money based on probabilities to secure a favourable outcome, while insurance involves paying premiums to protect against potential financial losses. Both require analysing risks and dealing with uncertainty, but poker is a game, whereas insurance is a vital tool for risk management in real life.

At Cairn we want to empower you to face the future with confidence by reducing the uncertainties and risks that lie ahead. We understand that the unpredictable nature of life and business can lead to potential challenges, but we are here to assist you in mitigating those risks and safeguarding your future.

So if you have our poker chip, think of it as a symbol of our commitment to helping you build a solid foundation for a brighter and more stable future.

Together, let's build a robust safety net for your future and ensure you never gamble with your insurance.

Take a look around our website to find out more or if you would rather ‘cash in’ your chip straight away, you can do so by contacting us using the links below. 

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Being a member of The British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) signifies a commitment to professionalism, integrity and high standards. This means our clients benefit from expert advice, access to a wide range of insurance options, fair treatment, and support when you need it most. 


BIBA's high standards and ethical practices ensure professionalism and regulatory compliance, instilling trust between us and you. 

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